The Arctic Roller Is Taking On Dark Knight

By kastor417 - February 2, 2017

The Target exclusive Arctic Roller is one of the most stunning vehicles that LEGO has produced in any of the themes. Making LEGO Batman Movie the theme to beat in 2017.

The time is ticking down until the film and this is day two in our look at the LEGO Batman Movie sets, with one that was a little hard to track down. Sure the average buyer would just wait until sets were on shelves, but LEGO collectors like me, armed with the DCPI, went to Targets on January 1st determined to get this set.

Looking at the set at first, it does not seem that impressive. It only has two minifigures, both are available it the Batcave set, and one vehicle. So why was this set a must have?

The car design is just stunning, it is hard to come up with words to describe it, but stands out among all the other sets. The white color, the scooping fenders, and the size all make this one of the best cars LEGO has designed to date. The Penguin usually gets something related to ice or ducks, but in this set he gets a full car to match his aristocratic character. It is a car worth of the mob boss of Gotham, harkening back to the days of the 20’s and 30’s. The fish missiles on the side, the big wheels, and fun license plates all round out the design. Arctic Roller even has an opening trunk with escape jet ski for the fowl villain.

The minifigures in this set are the only draw back, they are nothing special. The Batman is the same as my other 13 minifigures, and the Penguin, even though he has a new head compared to the Batcave set, is nothing special. I don’t know if it was the fact this was a store exclusive set or the fender that took up the budget for set but adding in one more minifigure, a batglider, or a few little Penguins would have elevated this to a perfect set.

All in all this is a great build, and what will make this set a hit with collectors and kids.

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