The Arkham Knight Arrives

By kastor417 - March 4, 2014

Batman Arkham Knight Kastor's KornerMany gamers were wondering why Rocksteady was not involved in Batman: Arkham Origins, and today they found out why. The first trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight was released today and it looks amazing.

A lot of  gamers were not happy with Arkham Origins, and wanted Rocksteady back on the Arkham franchise. Issues ranged from issues with gameplay slowdown to complaints about the short story of the game. Many wondered if Rocksteady was working on a game for the next gen systems, and they were right.

Today DC comics and Rocksteady games released the first look at the newest game in the series, Batman: Arkham Knight. The trailer features a voice over from what sounds like the Scarecrow, with appearances from Two-Face, Harley, and the Penguin. The first half of the four minute preview is voiced over by Thomas Wayne asking his son to take care of Gotham. The trailer featured some amazing graphics and action sequences, just teasing the fans of the series. It is unknown who the voice cast will be, but many are sure that Conroy and Hamill will reprise their roles for this new game.

Check out the trailer below with a screen shot gallery. And start counting the days and your pennies, because this game is only on the PS4 and Xbox One.

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