Arkham Knight Revealed

By kastor417 - April 1, 2014

Arkham Knight the newest character in the Arkham seriesThe Knight in Arkham Knight is more than a title, it will be one of the antagonists of Rocksteady’s last Arkham outing.

The Nerdist broke the news last week that the title is more than a time of day for Batman. The new suit seen in game trailer belongs to a new character, who will challenge the Dark Knight in the upcoming game. The Game will take place about 12 months after the events in City, with a the villains dealing with the power vacuum left by the Joker. Conroy is set to return, but no word on Mark Hamill will pop in as the Joker in some form, because really is the Joker ever dead?

Head over to the Nerdist to see some new shots of the Batmobile and the title villain.

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