Arrow’s newest trailer shows the series getting back to the basics.

By patricksmith - September 16, 2016

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Arrow’s fifth season is making the old new again.

Looks like the team behind Arrow might have figured out what the fans already knew.  There’s no need to change the formula of the series, or the tone.  Arrow does what it does because it’s in its DNA as a series, and trying to alter that is to forget what made it a hit in the first place.  Long story short, Arrow didn’t need to change and it definitely didn’t need to try and mimic the Flash.  All they had to do is do what they do best.  Hit the streets, and it looks like that’s what season five of this tried and tested series is trying to do.  If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, here it is, and it’s probably the most revealing look of the season we’re going to get until its October fifth premiere.

If there’s one sign of the series starting from the ground up, it’s the costume.  Oliver is back in the jacket from season three, and while it might not be as comic accurate as the season four getup, it’s functionality fits the gritty realism of the series much better.  We don’t see nearly as much of Mad Dog (despite seeing him in his full comic accurate but most like pre-training outfit) or Artemis (barely in the trailer) there’s a little more of Curtis Holt this time around as well as a hint as to his arc of the series as he overcomes his kindly nature to make himself successful as a vigilante.  I’ll be honest, I think this is the character with the most potential, and Echo Kellum has played him to perfection so far, proving that he could handle more screen-time and a more in depth character arc.  There are flashes of John and Thea as well as Felicity’s dear John from the last trailer, but besides that there’s a look at Tobias Church (Chad L. Coleman) and our first look at Ragman (Joe Dinicol) and our first look at Cody Rhodes in his currently unknown role.  Noticeably missing from the trailer is Human Target (Wil Traval), Dolph Lundgren (Can’t wait), and Ishmael Gregor.  The theme of the season has already been revealed to be Legacy (if the name of the premiere episode wasn’t obvious enough) and the major villain will apparently tie in to that.  We don’t see much of the flashbacks in this trailer (which I suppose explains the whole shark metaphor between Oliver and Lance).  The irony of the focus of the series moving foreward is how it seems to be taking its cues from previous seasons before doing so.  It’s for the best though.  If this trailer is any indication of season five’s intentions, we might just be looking at a return to form for the series.

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