Ask Mattel 11/15/2012: Rattlor’s Armor, Frosta Gifts & Action League’s Fate Explained!

By bill - November 15, 2012

Mattel is back with a new round of answers, and we’ve got some very interesting news straight from the source. It looks like Matty may be moving up the free gift from the Frosta fiasco, plus we get some confirmation on the fates of Rattlor’s General armor, Action league and the new DC figures revealed at New York Comic Con– Read on for all the details!

Kastor’s Korner: We know there will be a free gift for Masters of the Universe sub-holders, due to the production error on Frosta, but since she is in the 2012 subscription and the gift will not be available until 2013, will this year’s subscribers who did not sign up for a 2013 sub still receive the gift?

Mattel: We are actually still reviewing what we can do and when this item will ship. It may happen still in 2012 to close the book on the year and start fresh in 2013. More info to come.

Kastor’s Korner: If The General’s chest armor were to be included in a future Weapons Pak, would it be more likely to see a recast f the 200x piece, or an all-new sculpt?

Mattel: The armor was already sculpted and tool’d. It was cut very late in the game when we found out Rattlor was overcost due to all the deco on his arms and legs. We hope to include it down the road with some other item.

Kastor’s Korner: What happened to Black Mask’s Batman cowl accessory? It was initially stated the piece was made to fit onto the end of his knife, but on the final production figure, the hole that the knife would plug into seems to be filled it?

Mattel: It was never stated it would fit on the knife.

Kastor’s Korner: There were no Action League items, new or old, on display at New York Comic Con… does this mean what we’ve seen will be the end of this series, or are there more toys planned not yet shown?

Mattel: At this time this line is on hold pending greater retailer interest.

Kastor’s Korner: Captain Marvel Jr, Red Hood and Huntress were all shown at NYCC in the 2013 Club Infinite Earths display, but no release dates were included. ? Will they be the June-August figures, or sometime later in the subscription? Do any of these three have a release month in place?

Mattel: The release dates are still up in the air, but all three will be monthly figures part of the club in 2013.

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