Ask Mattel 4/16/2012: Hints at New Adventures of He-Man, Man of Steel Movie Masters & More!

By bill - April 16, 2012

The masters of Mattel are back to answer another round of burning questions! This time out, Matty shares some ideas on future New Adventures of He-Man and Man of Steel figures, and update on the DC Universe retail figures, and more… Check out all the answers, as Matty Speaks!

If a re-release of Voltron ever becomes a possibility, is there a chance the pilots could be reworked to include improved articulation and working guns and holsters?

Yes,if we did an all new Voltron and pilots this would be a great update, but there is no update planned at this time.

Thus far, the New Adventures sub-set has featured characters which were previously released as figures in the 1990-92 line. Will the plan for this sub-set be to continue releasing new versions of previous figures, or will we also see some New Adventures cartoon characters captured in plastic for the first time?

We do have access to the animated characters. We’d love to know from fans whom they would want to see!

Have the recent DC Universe Club Infinite Earths production delays carried over into the DC retail lines as well, or should DCUAS wave one and Young Justice 2012 (Kid Flash wave) still hit around May as originally intended?

No, the delays we had for the online CIE figures will not affect the retail lines.

Batman Legacy, seemed to be part of the overall DKR movie strategy (much like Green Lantern Classics) and was first revealed at Toy Fair 2011, about a year and a half before DKR hits theaters… What is the earliest we can expect to hear about a similar release or preview line to support Man of Steel?

Legacy and Movie Masters are actually two very different lines. Legacy constitutes everything from the past and new (that isn’t the movie of the year). Hence, for MOS, you can probably expect some Movie Masters with a similar reveal schedule to TDKR Movie Masters.

Will Monster High be receiving another Comic Con exclusive for SDCC 2012?

We will be announcing all of our SDCC items in mid April.

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