Ask Mattel 5/15/2012: Lots of New SDCC Exclusive Details

By bill - May 15, 2012

A few weeks back, Mattel announced their 2012 San Diego Comic Con exclusives, and the assortment certainly left some questions for fans of Matty’s top lines… so we decided to dedicate an entire round of Ask Mattel questions to this Summer’s SDCC Exclusives!  Mattel sheds some more light on their new Death statue, eases some availability concerns about Vykron and addresses the chances of SDCC exclusives for missing lines like Voltron and WWE… Get all the answers right here!

Is the SDCC exclusive Death statue a one-off, or the launch of a new scale/ format for DC figures?  And does this release mean Vertigo properties are now fair game to be included in Club Infinite Earths?

Right now it is a one off but we are very curious what fans think!

The SDCC Vykron looks awesome! Since this figure is clearly made to invite at least three purchases by each MOTU collector, will his production run be larger than past exclusives to accommodate the likelihood of multi-figure purchases?

We will produce more compared to other past SDCC items, but less compared to a monthly figure.

Will the SDCC Death statue include any articulation, or is she a solid statue piece with no moving parts?

She is articulated at the shoulders, neck and waist.

In the SDCC news release, you said the Vykron sold on will be packed out as either the space warrior or the tank warrior. Will the one we receive be randomly selected or will the two package variants be sold as separate items? MOC collectors would surely like the opportunity to purchase both.

You can choose which one to buy. Both Space and Military pack outs will be offered as separate toys on after the show.

Some of this year’s SDCC exclusives have been listed but not yet shown (Dark Knight Rises, Monster High, etc), but are there any additional Con exclusives planned that have not been mentioned at all yet. Particularly anything for WWE, Voltron or Young Justice?

No, we will not have a Voltron, YJ or WWE SDCC item for sale this year.

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