Ask Mattel 6/1/2012: The Future of Infinite Earths, Masters Weapons & More

By bill - June 2, 2012

It’s time for another round of Mattel answers, and this week Mattel gives details on what we can expect from Club Infinite Earths in 2013, along with some details on the “lost” MOTU accessories, the end of Ghostbusters and more– read on for all the answers!

By the time SDCC takes place, DC Club Infinite Earths will only be about 3 months in. Will subscription sales and day-of sales during these first few months provide enough sales data on your end to warrant an announcement of 2013 plans for the sub at Comic Con, or will we have to wait until after the show to learn the fate of Infinite Earths in 2013?

Day of sales for CIE are very minimal. It will be the sell in of the 2013 sub that will  determine the future of this line.

New wrestlers debut and depart often in the WWE. Who determines the character selection in regards to the action figure line? Does the WWE give Mattel direct input into which characters should become figures, or is it ultimately left at Mattel’s discretion?

It’s primarily Mattel’s decision, though WWE must approve any talent selection choices we make.

2012 saw a stripping down of accessories and extras, many of which still do not have homes or a means of getting into the proper figure’s hands (e.g. Spector’s whip, an alternate wand for Frosta, Spikor’s hammer, etc)… is it possible that these missing or unproduced weapons could still see release, either as pack-ins with 2013 figures (which, due to a likely higher price tag may have more tooling budget), or even in a new Weapons Pak, which could feature newly tooled parts alongside repainted gear?

It is possible, but some of the accessories you mention were never sculpted or planned.  There were never plans for an extra wand for Frosta or a hammer for Spikor.

Will Dana/ Zuul be the final figure in the Ghostbusters series? While it is great to finally have a solid release plan for her, as of now there is one MAJOR cast member that would be needed to complete the team… is there still a possibility of seeing a Jeannine figure released to round out the collection? I, for one know I’d be much more likely to get Dana knowing the chance to complete the entire main cast of the film was still on the table…

There will be one more 6″ figure in 2012. We are looking towards the future and hope new entertainment will bring in more mainstream awareness and let us revisit the 6″ world again some day.

Spector is the only Masters figure whose name includes a descriptor in his name: “Mighty.” What makes him mighty? Or is this a title associated with Time Agents such as he?

Fearless Photog.

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