Ask Mattel 6/15/2012: DCU All Stars Update… and What’s Up With Castle Grayskull?

By bill - June 15, 2012

We’ve got an all new round of answers from the fine folks at Mattel today.  This time out, we get updates on when to expect DC Universe All-Stars to hit retail, and when we can finally discover the identity of the “secret” final DKR Movie Master. Oh, and Matty gives the reason for that pretty obvious Castle Grayskull box that’s been showing up in all their YouTube videos… Read on for all the answers!

We know 5 out of the 6 Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters figures, but when can we expect a reveal of the final figure? Will it be prior to San Diego Comic Con?

After the movie releases. It is a special character.

Great video debut for the SDCC Dark Knight Rises Bruce Wayne figure!  The Castle Grayskull in the background appears to be a different shape than the vintage box… is this a hint at things to come in the Masters of the Universe series, or just an odd camera angle?

Not a hint or something that should be interpreted. That is an actual MIB 1982 Castle. We have it in the office and just use it as a backdrop because it is neat and fills the space.

We loved the Mekaneck reveal through the Club Eternia email, and feel this is the best way yet to get info out immediately to the fans… It has been said these reveals would continue, but will they extend to other subscriptions, such as Club Infinite Earths?

Yes, in time this is something we want to roll out to all of our clubs!

After some changes to the mixes and release dates, the last update we received on DC Universe All-Stars Wave One was a June/ July release, however with all major retailers having re-modded for the Summer there is no shelf space for this series anywhere… have they been delayed again, or will they have a presence at “brick and mortar” retail?

Based on the latest we’ve heard, it’ll be August in brick and mortar and most major retailers are carrying the line.

Based on recent Q&A’s we know the Young Justice toy line is sadly over. Several online retailers did receive the final wave including Kid Flash and Batman, which leads us to believe if the wave reached e-tailers, it made its way through production before the cancellation… is this the case, and if so, will this assortment be transferred to closeout retailers or another retail outlet?

We are not sure we understand the question. The final wave reached retailers with no plans to close-out, if that’s what you are asking.*

*Editor’s Note: We reached out for clarification on this answer, and were told by John Friberg (Mattel’s Licensed Entertainment Marketing Manager: WB) that both Kid Flash and Batman ARE confirmed as part of the Young Justice 6″ product line for 2012. 

This means their production run was not cut short, and many of them are likely somewhere in the distribution system right now.  So if you haven’t found them, you can still pre-order from your favorite e-tailer or keep checking Toys R us or Wal-Mart, and you should be able to get them without feeding the scalpers on eBay.

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