Ask Mattel 7/1/2012: K-Mart Exclusive Catwoman, DC All Stars Packaging & More

By bill - July 2, 2012

We may be gearing up for Comic Con next week, but that doesn’t slow down the latest round of answers from Mattel, and this week brings some interesting info as we get ready for the Valhallah of geek-dom… This round we find out what the box art will look like for the DC Universe All-Stars, some new features for the C-N-C Batsignal, a new DKR exclusive to be on the lookout for, and the chances we’ll see a Bravestarr reboot– read on for all the answers…

Kastor’s Korner: Cool video showing the completed Batsignal and how it works! In the video, you mention the signal lights up… but not whether it can project the bat insignia on a wall/ etc.  Is this something the piece is capable of, or is the bulb not strong enough to project the symbol when lit up?

Mattel: It does project on the wall and Scott has agreed to do a follow up video ASAP to show this off.

Kastor’s Korner: Was inspired the decision to not offer a WWE exclusive at this year’s SDCC? And was this decided only by Mattel, or was WWE involved?

Mattel: Sorry, the WWE team was not available this week for questions.

Kastor’s Korner: We now know DCU All-Stars Wave One should hit retail somewhere around August, but we have yet to see the package design for this toy line… will we have to wait until SDCC to get our first look at the new package art?

Mattel: The DCU All-Stars packaging will not see the light of day. This last DC Universe mix will come out in the old packaging to make a clean break between DC Universe and our rebranding, which you’ll see at Comic Con.

Kastor’s Korner: Between the Wal-Mart exclusive Commissioner Gordon and the Batman vs. Bane 2-Pack at Toys R Us, we’ve been treated to some fantastic DKR Movie Masters exclusives… both of which were out-of-the-blue surprises!  Are there any more un-announced retailer exclusives or other surprises we can look forward to in this series?

Mattel: Have you been to Kmart lately? Have you looked closely at Catwoman?

Kastor’s Korner: Between MOTU and Ghostbusters’ Retro Heroes, Mattel has clearly established a good working relationship with Filmation. Is it possible this relationship may lead to some kind of future for another classic Filmation/ Mattel 80’s team-up– BraveStarr? While the Marshall never gained the mass appeal of He-Man, he’s not without his fans… and his 25th Anniversary is hitting this year!

Mattel: Just because we have the license for Voltron and MOTU from Classic Media, this does not mean we have  rights to all of their many properties. We do not have the rights to Bravestarr.

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