Ask Mattel 8/1/2012: The Future of Matty Collector & More

By bill - August 1, 2012

To say things are in flux at Matty Collector is an understatement, but the Mattel team still took the time to send out answers to the last round of questions. This time out, we get some insight into Mattel’s future Matty Collector and subscription plans, when we can expect a new MOTU female buck and more– read on for all the answers.

Kastor’s Korner: We now know the DC All-Stars wave will be in the DCUC packaging to close out the previous line, but with stores like Target clearancing out their DCUC, will this impact how many retailers carry the All-Stars wave?

Mattel: It is up to each retailer to place orders for their product. This is not something Mattel can control.

Kastor’s Korner: The Matty Collector plan has been moving more and more toward subscriptions, and the easiest way to increase subscribers seems to be to incentivize joining the subscription as much as possible for potential customers. As of now, subscribers get their items shipped 1-3 days earlier than day-of purchasers, but have you considered sending out subscriber’s products earlier?  It seems like a great incentive to have subscribers receive their items 1-2 weeks before the on-sale date, which would give subscribers a true “first look” at the items, as well as a better chance to rectify any QC issues, so subscribers are given priority regarding a replacement figure instead of getting stuck with a refund and a hole in our collections.

Mattel: We are working on this. It just takes logistics to work out and in 2012 many figures did not arrive early enough to pull this off. But that is the goal.

Kastor’s Korner: There are rumblings of “something” for Voltron fans who wanted the pilot figures. If this results in another production run, can the knees and elbows be fixed to provide a better range of articulation?

Mattel: There will be no additional run of any Voltron product at this time.

Kastor’s Korner: With prop replica Ghostbusters and Back to the Future merchandise being released through Matty Collector, are there any prop replicas in the works for Masters of the Universe or DC?

Mattel: Nothing to announce right now but always something we are looking into.

Kastor’s Korner: Will the next MOTUC female figure to be revealed (possibly at Comic Con) include a corrected pelvis with a return of the hip/ thigh twist fans have been asking for since the Star Sisters’ release?

Mattel: No. Netossa does not include the corrected Pelvis but the next female in 2013 will (if the sub sells well enough to continue MOTUC in 2013).

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