Ask Mattel 8/15/2012: Miss Martian’s Wardrobe Explained… And Vertigo Is An Infinite Earth!

By bill - August 15, 2012

We’re back for the latest round of Ask Mattel answers! This time out, Matty discloses some design decisions for Princess of Power and Miss Martian… plus confirmation that Vertigo characters can– and WILL– appear in Club Infinite Earths, and who we can blame for the Fighting Foe Men (spoiler: grab a mirror, apparently)… check out all the answers!

Kastor’s Korner: Netossa should be colored in metallics (blue and silver), as opposed to the blue and light blue already seen on Frosta, but it has been said that she can’t be changed now. How can paint not be changed given she is 6 months off, while Frosta (an October figure) was still getting final touches on her hair and cape, per ToyGuru?

Mattel: The paint deco is chosen by the Four Horsemen and we are doing with their deco.

Kastor’s Korner: Fans of Frosta wanted a translucent look for her cape after Toy Fair. The sculptor wanted both hair and cape to have this effect. Mattel appeared to choose just the hair based on what we saw at SDCC, which no one seems to want. Has there been a final decision yet? Fans would love to see her hair solid light-blue again like at Toy Fair.

Mattel: Her cape is not translucent.

Kastor’s Korner: Given how the Star Sisters– actual PoP characters– were received, why did you decide to show an even more obscure and expensive item of unproven characters like the Fighting Foe Men at such a crucial time like sub purchasing?

Mattel: We made the Fighting Foe Men because fans have been asking for the model kit drivers for years. This figure set was 100% due to fan requests and was not actually part of the original road map. We added it in due to fan requests for these figures!

Kastor’s Korner: The 6″ Young Justice set of Miss Martian and Superboy is supposed to finish off the core team, but the fact that they are in Season 2 uniforms makes them feel more like the beginning of a new set as opposed to completing the team assembled so far. What brought about the decision to release these figures in their Season 2 costumes instead of their original appearances?

Mattel: Miss Martian was sculpted as the next figure in the line. We did not have resources for more sculpting but since she was already sculpted we were able to offer her at a premium price if we get the min number of pre orders.

Kastor’s Korner: We have seen characters like Swamp Thing and now Constantine– both with one foot squarely in the Vertigo universe– appear in the DC Universe collection. With Infinite Earths focusing to the collectors market, would you consider rolling more Vertigo characters into this series, or would they be more likely to receive their own line, similar to Watchmen?

Mattel: As you have seen with Constantine, CIE will and can include Vertigo characters.

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