Ask Mattel 8/31/2012: Mattel’s Thoughts On The “Close Call” 2013 Subscriptions

By bill - August 31, 2012

Just before this Labor Day weekend, Mattel is back with a new round of answers!  This time out, Mattel shares what they took away from the close call with their 2013 subscriptions… plus we get some details on MOTUC’s Jitsu and the Watchmen Club Black Freighter line!

Kastor’s Korner: Jitsu has been shown with two kamas, weapons typically held simultaneously in both hands. Will his gold hand be able to grip a weapon somehow, or will he come with an alternate hand that could hold the second kama?

Mattel: No, Jitsu can not hold a weapon in his chopping hand and he does not come with an alt hand.

Kastor’s Korner: We understand that the entire year’s figures being displayed during the subscription window is not feasible, but what is the reasoning for not revealing the full year’s lineup by name during this time frame? It would seem like the perfect way to help consumers make the most educated decision, and wouldn’t a “lineup subject to change” line be protection against any legal concerns?

Mattel: Look at how upset fans get when they can’t get an accessory shown (remember the fall out over Drago’s dropped accessories). We wouldn’t want to even name a figure if it is not 100% coming out. Fans just get too upset and legal likes to avoid this too.

Kastor’s Korner: Since it appears the Watchmen subscription will not move forward in 2013, what is the most likely outcome for the figures?  Is it more likely they would be rolled into an existent DC Universe toy line, given another chance as a sub or box set under their own brand, or have they been cancelled outright?

Mattel: Watchmen is 100% moving forward.

Kastor’s Korner: If a figure is in production of a wrestler who is let go from WWE, what is the protocol regarding the in-production figure? Take Abraham Washington’s recent firing for example– would a potential Prime Time Players figure somewhere in the works be scrapped when he was let go, or could it still be released even after he was fired by WWE?

Mattel: There really isn’t a rule that governs this. It is handled on a case by case basis.

Kastor’s Korner: The Matty Collector subscription model has been a major experiment over the past few years, with many changes both large and small as you move forward. What specifically are the most important lessons the Matty Collector team has taken away from the recent “close call” with 2013 subs for Club Eternia and Club Infinite Earths?

Mattel: We know we need more improvements in the buying and customer service areas and are actively working on this (as we have been the past few years!)

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