One of the Attack the Block Aliens, as an Adorable Plush

By bill - February 19, 2014

attack-the-block-featThis is the awesomest toy of the year, and it wasn’t even at Toy Fair.

Have you ever watched Joe Cornish’s wonderful Attack the Block and thought to yourself “Man, I’d love a toy version of one of them gorilla-wolf motherfuckers.”  That’s exactly what artist, toymaker and all around awesome person Miss Monster thought, and she crafted a killer plush doll version of the pitch black alien invader.

Miss Monster’s work is always fantastic, and this piece is no exception– she really got the proportions down perfectly, and those sick glowing teeth and clawed hands and feet are great.  She also played with scale, making this mini version of the best way cuter than the full sized monster from the movie.

Sadly, she only made two of this piece, one of which she is keeping and the other which just sold for like $500.  But we can still appreciate the great concept and amazing execution in photo form on Miss Monster’s website.

Attack the Block is a few years old now, and I think it’s high time we get some toys from the modern classic.  Fingers crossed,if we ever do, they take a cue from this design.

Check out more of Miss Monster’s work HERE.

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