Avengers Week: Thor, Rocket, And Groot To The Rescue

By kastor417 - April 24, 2018

One of the last Toys R Us Marvel Legends is hitting shelves just in time for Avengers: Infinity War!

In the shuffle of Marvel Legends there is never enough room for everyone, so Hasbro has been working with retailers to get out just a few more figures. With Toys R Us closing this is one of the last of those expanded line exclusives. We will still see exclusives at the other retailers, but it seems like Toys R Us was leading the charge for the last few years. So it was sad to find this set, though a huge sigh of relief. All the other exclusives have found another home, yet this one looks like it might live and die with Toys R Us.

From the trailers we know that Thor is looking for something with teen Groot and Rocket, making this a perfect movie pack.Thor is rather large, even for the God of Thunder, towering over the other Legends. The head sculpt is right on model, matching the look of Thor in the final moments of Ragnarok. Rocket gets some new weapons but the rest is the same as the GotG Vol2 wave of Legends. Groot is the major draw of the set. His is all new, even though he looks a little like the 5 inch version in the kids line. The scowl and the leaves on over the brow all add to the angstful look of the teen.

As a set this one is pretty solid. It has all the main characters in their movie looks and each have story appropriate accessories. This is popping up at all the closing Toys R Us stores on sale, so get them before they are gone.


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