An Axe Cop and His Dinosaur

By bill - April 16, 2014

Axe-Cop-Wexter-featMezco Toyz’ Axe Cop line continues with the deluxe Wexter box set.

I love Axe Cop, and Mezco Toyz has done a commendable job translating the strange and awesome characters from Ethan and Malachai Nicolle’s cult comic book into toy form.  That winning streak continues with the latest release, a deluxe box set featuring a new version of Axe Cop along with his Tyrannosaurus Rex pal, Wexter.

Wexter is, of course, the main draw of this set.  The T-Rex doesn’t feature much articulation, but he looks great, as if he just stomped off the pages of an Axe Cop comic.  The sculpt is fantastic, and filled with detail, and he is posed in a mid-turn that adds a great sense of motion to the figure.  Like in the comic, Wexter is more realistic looking than many of the Axe Cop characters, which makes his silly special features– his dino-sized sunglasses and arm cannons– all the stranger.

The beast features a hinged jaw, as well as ball joints to pose the afformentioned arm cannons, and the whole figure is solid enough to carry his weight and stay balanced.  The sculpt is further enhanced by a very good paint job, adding depth to Wexter’s scaly skin and some practical wear to the weaponry attached to his tiny T-Rex arms.

I thought we were getting a recast of the same Axe Cop in this set, but to my surprise he gets not only new legs but a variant head sculpt with his scowling mouth closed, instead of the gritted teeth of the single carded version.  If I’m not mistaken, both head sculpts are available as variants, but if you search you can find two unique Axe Cop heads for both versions.

The new legs on this figure are sculpted to help Axe Cop ride his dinosaur, and he stays in place quite well on Wexter’s back.  While the scale between the two doesn’t quite translate (Wexter is a bit too small), the effect is very good, and they still look awesome together.

While a bit more articulation on Wexter would have sent him over the top, he’s still a very good figure.  I’m loving Mezco’s Axe Cop line, and Wexter with his heroic rider makes for a great centerpiece in the collection.  The Axe Cop/ Wexter box set is available now at many Toys R Us stores, as well as Mezco’s web store.

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