Babs Tarr Gets Harley Quinn Roller Derby Ready!

By kastor417 - April 11, 2018

In stores today DC Collectibles Harley Quinn Red,White,and Black is ready for the Derby thanks to Babs Tarr. 

The Harley Quinn lines has just started, but will no doubt have a long life. The Red, White, and Black line of Harleys takes that classy look and adds a splash of color. Sure we could have just kept up with the Batman Black and White line, or gone all color like the Superman and Wonder Woman lines, but giving her just that dusting of red sets her apart.

Harley is something you don’t see every day, a character created in a cartoon long after the birth of the main hero who becomes just as big. I know that is a bold statement, but Harley has the power to transcend most and become part of the big names in the DCU. At this point she might even be bigger than her Puddin.

The smaller sized statue lines have become a big hit with collectors. They allow you to jump in and out, picking the designs that reflect your favorite artists,and are just the right size that you don’t need a whole lot of space to display them.

This version of Harley is based on the variant cover from Babs Tarr for Harley Quinn Volume 3. The cover is definitely more revealing, but the changes on the statue reflect what you can do in this resin medium. This version looks real world roller derby ready, down to the pads and wheels. The action pose is what sets this piece off. the flowing hair and floating pose captures this badass woman.  Once you get past the overall look of the figure you start to see all the little details. The mallet has most of the card suits of them, only missing the clubs, as well as all the hearts and diamonds on her body. The detailing on the outfit, like the holes in the thigh-highs, all add to that bad girl looks she does so well. Even though she is a solid piece her hair strands, fingers and belt are all delicate, to take care when posing and storing her.

The line allows looks to range from the ultra detailed to the simple, but all capture the mischief in her eyes. And looking at what Babs Tarr has some, the wink says it all!

Thanks to DC Collectibles for this review sample.

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