Going to Baltimore Comic Con? Grab Your Preview Copy of Jack Rider and The Patrol

By jayq - September 7, 2013

Jack Rider 1Are you tired of the big two and all the crisis events after crisis events? Do you want a new read that is both unique and intriguing? Well look no further than to this double feature preview from GCP Comics.

Jack RiderThis book includes a sci-fi meets horror, meets western story called Jack Rider. The book is written by a new guy in town, our own Mike Hopkins with art by Nate Getz. The flip side of the book has the story called The Patrol that is written by Tony Calandra, with art again by Nate Getz.

The Jack Rider story takes readers back to the Wild West of 1854, where outlaws ran wild and marshals tried to kept the piece. You might be asking, ok well how is that horror and sci-fi? In this old western town there is a cloaked figure killing random people, hiding in plain sight taking on the forms average people on the street.

Meanwhile during an old fashioned train robbery Marshal Jack Rider is horribly injured and has almost no hope for survival. Finding out that Rider survived the explosion, get the attention of the cloaked figure, and it sets out to meet Rider. If you want to find out how the meeting goes down you will need to pick up the book to find out!

The art by Getz is very clean and simple to follow. Hopkins writing is great and keeps you into the story. This book is a prelude but also included are a few sketch pages at the end of the book giving a sneak peak at Rider and more about the cloaked figure.

The PatrolThe second preview story is called The Patrol. In this story you are introduced to RJ Carpenter. He is packing supplies to go out into a blizzard, but you can tell there is more than the weather out there waiting for him. The feel of this book is post apocalyptic, but it won’t be reviled right away why the world has changed or what changed the world. This book has the feel of NBC’s Revolution meets the Walking Dead.

It is a nice change of pace from the everyday mutant beat `em ups we get weekly. This book will be exclusive to Baltimore Comic Con, but if you keep your ears to the ground there may be an opportunity for you to jump on and snag this preview book. These stories have the potential to be blockbusters in any media, Jack Rider has the opportunity to be a TV show or movie, and The Patrol has video game written all over it. So pick this up help support the cause to get new stuff out in the main stream.

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