Bandai D-Arts MegaMan Is One Of 2012’s Best Toys

By junior - February 7, 2013

The best toy of 2012 for me is Bandai D-Arts MegaMan/Rockman with Rush and Met.

With the ground work laid out with MegaMan X, the title Capcom mascot emerged with plenty of accessories and posing options available to him. He comes with three faces, multiple sets of hands, his trusty megabuster, a triple-shot blast effect, one of the classic baddies Met, and his fully-articulated dog Rush.

MegaMan’s body is able to recreate all his classic video game poses, plus he can stand proudly beside your Marvel Legends toys for an awesome Marvel vs Capcom diorama. This lays the groundwork for endless palette swaps (AKA repaints) featuring MegaMan using a wide array of weapons– when you need to start a base buck, this is how it’s done.

MegaMan D-Arts is the definitive version at a reasonable cost of $35. This line may be the siren that lures me away from Matty Collector if their constant QC and customer service issue continue, and their promises don’t bear fruit.

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