Bandai Star Wars Samurai Stormtrooper

By hopkins - July 31, 2015

samurai-storm-trooperThe Force or the way of the Samurai?

Bandai has released its Samurai Stormtrooper, among other figures like Samurai General Darth Vader and an Imperial Guard. The price range varies from site to site but seems to be right around eighty dollars per figure. The packaging is a mixture of Japanese and English, with instructions in Japanese.  Putting everything together is simple enough that directions are not needed.

A mix of Sci-fi and early Japanese warriors makes for one bad ass action figure.The figure includes multiple hands, a sword, and the signature laser pistol. The shoulder pads are removable, and articulation makes holding the sword like a true warrior very easy.  The hands can be swapped out simply, and although the sword is no match for a lightsaber– which could cut through metal easily– it gives the character an ancient warrior feel. The pistol features a moveable clip to hang from the side of the figure when not in use.

The Samurai twist adds character to an otherwise classic charatcer. Japanese toys are a hot craze right now and adding figure concepts such as this only increases the desire to collect them.  The playability of this figure is exceptional… these can take a beating. Although a bit taller than the Black series figures from Hasbro, Bandai’s Star Wars figures can still be mixed in with your collection. With the list of characters growing is it possible we could see some of our favorite heroes in samurai gear as well? One can only hope. Blue Fin offers these as well as many other Japanese imports so if you’re into unique figures, grab the Samuirai Star Wars series while they are available.

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