Is Baron Von Strucker Joining Ultron In Avengers 2?

By bill - December 26, 2013

baron von strucker featUltron may not be alone against the Avengers in Age of Ultron.

Latino Review has the scoop that a casting call is out for another role in Avengers 2… Baron Von Strucker!  The quasi-ageless Hydra leader will likely appear in the Avengers’ sequel in some way, shape or form, possibly connected to Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch, according to El Mayimbe.

As a big time Hydra fan, I’m glad so many signs point to them resurfacing  after their defeat during World War II, although I am curious is Joss Whedon and his crew will manage to avoid the typical sequel bloat.  Usually two villains is a big offender in making a sequel tough to pull off, and Avengers 2 will also have a fair share of all-new and returning characters to contend with on the team, as well.

If there’s anyone who can pull it off, I’d bet on Whedon.  And it’s cool to see Marvel reaching deep enough to feature Strucker as a villain in one of their biggest movies.  Hail Hydra, I guess!

Source: Latino Review

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