Baron Zemo & His Army Take A.I.M.

By bill - January 24, 2014

cap-aim-featHasbro’s Captain America Legends bring two long-time fan demanded villains to the Marvel Legends collection.

On top of the Marvel Now! Captain America and the welcome updates that make up the Agents of Hydra, the first series of Cap Legends also include two more villains, both making their Legends debut.  Under the Soldiers of A.I.M. banner, the lineup includes Baron Zemo and an A.I.M. Soldier, and both figures were worth the wait.

Baron Helmut Zemo is one of the biggest Marvel villains we had yet to see in the Legends collection, but the release of Cap’s foe in this wave makes up for it.  Featuring his modern costume, this Zemo is an excellent figure, perfectly replicating his current look while appearing close enough to his classic style to fit in with any collection.  The figures features a perfect new head sculpt along with the medium build Legends body that looks and poses very well.  Zemo gets new shoulder straps, a belt and new cuffed gloves and boots, making for a great toy overall.

The Baron includes a luger pistol and a sword, which fits into the loop on his belt, making him another well armed villain in this assortment.  His classic colors– purple outfit with pink striped mask and yellow highlights, is eye catching and very well rendered, and he stands out well against his AIM minions, while fitting in nicely with his father, Heinrich Zemo, who was released by Toy Biz way back in Legends wave 14.  If I had one quibble with this guy, it’s the twin pistols molded into his shoulder holsters, but when so much is right with a figure, it’s easy to overlook this kind of shortfall.

Cap AIM 15

The other half of the Soldiers swap figure spot is dominated by the A.I.M. Soldier, who is absolutely incredible.  I always loved the goofy, comic book-y look of this guy, with his beekeeper helmet and bright yellow jumpsuit, and this figure captures his look perfectly.  The sculpt is 100% all new, loaded with realistic details such as folds and a nice sense of texture that makes him feel less plasticky.  The figure is extremely well articulated, with a great range on his head, a very effective ab crunch and shoulders that can pull in toward the chest to allow a great number of rifle-wielding poses.

The texture and a very subtle wash help to break up the monochromatic color pattern of this villain’s yellow and black outfit, and great details like his ammo bandolier and two high tech weapons finish  off his look, while allowing for some variation for troop builders like me.  We will be seeing this body again on the comic style Legends Starlord this summer, and after seeing what an amazing job Hasbro’s team did on this piece I can’t wait to enjoy another figure using this great base.

Cap AIM 28

Hasbro truly knocked it out of the park with the Captain America Legends.  These figures feature some of the finest sculpting and design I’ve ever seen from Hasbro, with lots of exciting new tooling, a great sense of scale, tons of articulation and accessories and a huge play factor.  I’ve had more fun posing these figures– and pitting Cap against his wide variety of new enemies– than I have with any other toys I can think of lately.  With the second series set to release movie accurate versions of Cap, Winter Soldier and Black Widow, alongside the final pieces of the Build A Figure Mandroid, I cannot wait to complete this awesome series!

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