The Bat Family Reunited

By kastor417 - May 21, 2015

Son of Batman Kastor's Korner featDC Collectibles has been doing a great job on filling out a universe, so how does the new animated line based on the newest films stack up?

DC Collectibles has spoiled us! We are used to getting figures with tons of accessories and amazing likeness to the real thing, that when we get a stripped down figures we feel underwhelmed.

The newest line of figures based on the DC animated films are simple, but they look like the characters on the screen. The problem is that is all there is to the figures. The articulation is limited, the accessories are non existent, and overall they are just toys. So why what would have been fine in the 80’s is so disappointing now? I want to be able to pose my figures, make them look like they are doing some kind of action. I want them to be entertaining, and these lack all those features.

So I have to look at them from another perspective. They are well sculpted, each with unique tooling. They look like they could jump back into my TV and be part of the show. They are in scale with each other. They have great paint apps and colors. They are all under $20 if you do you hunting. As a line are really a beautiful set of figures for the price. The stand out on all of them is the color and painted lines. For this scale and amount of tiny details the work on them is near flawless. I had no issue ordering some online sight unseen, Nightwing was perfectly painted. Both Nightwing and Robin come with weapons, but Batman has nothing. Of the three Batman is most limited in his movement, and watch out for the pointy parts they are sharp.

So what do I do with this set of well sculpted and beautifully painted figures? They will become a simple display piece for me. Overall they don’t measure up to the Animated Series line, but they do give you a great set of figures for the price.

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