Can Batgirl Survive the Fanboys/girls?

By jayq - October 14, 2014

batgirl-35-featComics change costumes, writers, and artist all the time… Can Batgirl survive all three at once?

It has been a week since Batgirl issue 35 hit the stands and still people are on the fence on if they are on board. Her new look caught the attention of many as did rumors that this was a total retcon of the Batgirl book. This however, was not the case.

This book still keeps pace with the previous stories told in Batgirl, the Bat books, and Birds of Prey. You can assume that Barbara is still not totally trusting Bruce as she could have easily asked for new equipment after the unit that held all the Batgirl gear burned down in Black Canary’s storage facility. Batgirl is still edgy and still the Barbara that we know and love… but you can tell that Gail Simone’s touch is missing from Barbara.

The art of this book is what throws everyone off. She is drawn looking more cartoon like (I know that is an oxymoron) and younger than we have seen in the prior arcs. So the question becomes can this book overcome the change in the art style? In my opinion the only thing I could tell was missing (besides Simone) was the art.

Check out Batgirl #35 and weigh in on this. Do you think the book will carry on with this creative team? Is the art the only issue? We would love to hear from you!

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