Batgirl Wraps the Batman ’66 Line

By kastor417 - August 4, 2015

Batgirl 66  Kastor's KornerAfter almost a year of waiting the final figure of the Batman 66 line is here, and not at a bad price.

My first exposure to Batman was a mix of the 60’s Batman show and Scooby Doo, making this line was a pure nostalgia buy. Overall the line was disappointing hight issues, poor articulation, and paint issues were just some of the issues. But through all that a lot of collectors stuck with it with the promise of a complete Bat-family. Finally the trio is complete and I can put this line to bed.

Lucky for me I was able to get the SDCC version and not have to buy yet another Batman and Robin to get her. She comes with a stand matching the other figures and a back drop that does not. The cape is a much thicker material then the boys of this line. It sticks out in her pose, but can’t lay down on her shoulders. The detailing and sculpting of the figure makes up for most of the small issues and at a price of $20 it was easy to accept having to get her finish the line.

This line had legs, it had the possibility of being amazing with many more versions of Batman, Robin, the supporting cast, and villains. I think the lack of accessories and higher price made it hard for collectors to accept. This should have been the subscription line on Matty Collector we might have had a chance to get more characters from the show.

Getting Batgirl to round out the heroes and already having the main villains from the 66 movie, I can put this line to bed. In a box they go until I can get around to building Batcave for the set.

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