Batman Begins Again Thanks To NECA

By bill - November 29, 2016


NECA’s latest surprise DC films release brings Christian Bale’s Batman to a whole new scale.

For the third year in a row, NECA has managed to drop some awesome 7″ scale DC Comics action figures on us, available exclusively at Toys R Us.  This year’s lineup– Batman as he appeared in Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins, and Harley Quinn from Arkham City— are once again scaled-down versions of NECA’s Quarter Scale 18″ figures, and each makes an exciting addition to the steadily growing 7″ DC collection.

This new Batman is fantastic, a perfect rendition of the most streamlined armor of the Christian Bale/ Christopher Nolan era. Every etched line of this militaristic bodysuit is replicated on this figure, along with the etched bat-insignia on the chest and high gloss finishes on Batman’s gloves and boots, which goes a long way to break up the monotone of the figure’s aesthetic.

I was actually kind of surprised by the simplicity of this figure; I’ve definitely seen The Dark Knight a lot more than Begins over the years, so that suit’s more armored design has kind of become my go-to when I think of Bale Batman, but I really like the smooth, simplistic nature of this sculpt, courtesy of Djordje Djokovic.

Batman is well articulated enough to hit a number of solid action poses– he’s got a good range of motion in his shoulders and hips, as well as a useful ab joint, half-ball joints at the elbows and knees, and articulated wrists and ankles.  Begins was the last cinematic suit which featured a single-piece mask and cowl, and NECA’s figure is sculpted likewise, which maintains the character’s silhouette perfectly, but inhibits the head articulation to some degree.


Unlike the previously released Michael Keaton Batman, the Bale figure’s head is sculpted as one solid piece, though the likeness still comes through in the lower half of the figure’s face.  The eyes on my figure are very well done, although I’ve heard reports that some of the latest Batman figures have had their eyes painted off center, which certainly can obstruct a likeness.

Aside from the face and the high gloss boots and gloves, the Begins Batman would be pretty monotone, aside from his well sculpted gold belt and the black fabric cape, which is one of the best soft good I have ever seen rendered on a toy in this scale.  The way this piece folds and drapes makes it look perfectly natural either in front of or behind the figure’s shoulders, adding even more great posing options.

NECA made some smart choices with the accessories with Batman Begins as well.  The figure includes his grappling gun (complete with a storage frame that clips to the figure’s utility belt), two different sized batarangs, and two alternate sets of hands– one a pair of closed fists, and the other sculpted to hold his weapons.

After Keaton and Adam West, this is now the third cinematic Batman NECA has released in their 7″ DC line.  Which one is your favorite will most likely come down to your preference of actor and style of Batman, as all three figures are pretty much perfect.  The Begins costume was never my favorite cinematic Batman, but NECA’s figure has given me a new appreciation for this sleek, streamlined, and maybe often overlooked version of the Caped Crusader. Ever since I opened this guy up, I’ve had a strong desire to rewatch Begins, and if that isn’t a telling sign of how cool this figure is, I don’t know what is.

Thanks to NECA for giving us the chance to review this awesome figure.  Look for Batman Begins, along with Arkham City Harley Quinn, at Toys R Us stores now.


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