Batman: Black and White Series Harley Quinn by Lee Bermejo

By jayq - November 17, 2016

harley-b-and-wLee Bermejo gets the call for another design on the Batman: Black and White statue series. This time we get to see his interpretation of the one the only Harley Quinn.

hq11This is Lee Bermejo’s 3rd statue in the series and man did he go all out for DC Collectibles. Harley is seen in tight pants, a corset, a little jester ruffle choker, mid arm length gloves, and her hammer. The hammer is not attached and can be moved on the statue as you see fit. The detail on the hammer with the Joker face is a very nice touch.

This statue stands at 6.5″ high from base to the top and was sculpted again by the great Jean St. Jean. This statue is immaculate and has no flaws what so ever. I want to buy a turn table just so she can keep spinning around so awesomeness can be seen all the time.

This series has been brilliant as of late with how they use the shading of the blacks and grays to show the colors they are trying to depict. Also the white on the face stands out and makes he almost life like. Even down to the details of the “Puddin'” tattoo on her stomach is without any flaw at all.

This statue has a limited edition run of 5200 and retails at $80. I anticipate this one to be popular so grab her while you can or ask your local comic shop if they are still available to reorder. Plus she looks even more amazing next to the Lee Bermejo Joker statue as well.

JQ gives Lee Bermejo’s Harley Quinn a 10/10. Yes that is correct. This statue is BEAUTIFUL and PERFECT in every way!

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