Batman Black & White Review: Dark Knight of the Dead!

By jayq - October 28, 2014

zombie-batman-featJust in time for Halloween, DC Collectibles pulls another Ace from their sleeves!

DC Collectibles went back to one of the main icons in comics today! Neal Adams was yet again tapped to do another Batman Black and White Series statue. This is an original take from Adams with our Caped Crusader as a zombie. Sculpted in cold-cast porcelain by Eric Sosa, this statue stands at 7.5″ tall and is perfectly painted in the black and grey tones.

What is NOT to like about this? The attention to detail is flawless. You can see the decay in the suit, the withered body, hunched over, and the the leg being all crooked just adds to the sheer beauty of this statue. This statue came out of the box attached to the base and is numbered 516 of 5200. The price point at your local comic shop will run $79.95.

This is yet another home run from DC Collectibles with this series, and as you can see pictured with some of Neal’s other renditions it looks amazing! This statue is so horrifying it’s beautiful.  Neal Adams’ zombie Batman hit comic shops Wednesday October 15th and is available on Amazon as well. JQ gives this a 9.0/10!!!

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