Batman: Black and White Statue by Bryan Hitch

By jayq - August 25, 2015

Batman BWHow does DC Collectibles follow up the Batgirl Black and White statue that came out earlier this month?

Following (what I would call) one of the top 5 Batman Black and White statues to date is Bryan Hitch’s take on the Caped Crusader. Hitch is on a roll with his art as of late on the new JLA title. This statue has many things going for it that none have had in the past.

Standing at 6.25″ from base to cowl, Batman is sculpted in a leaping pose Bat-a-rang ready to toss. I love how this statue is posed, in fact the way it is positioned on the base via the peg in the hand adds something that only the Batman Beyond one has had. The peg is sturdy and with the cape flowing in the back has Batman on the offensive and looking bad ass!

I saw no paint flaws on my statue and the two tone black gloss and matte worked again (as it did with Batgirl). The statue was sturdy and had no wiggle issues with the one peg. It had perfect balance. Even the Bat-a-rang looked strong. Some of the previous attempts at this had Batman’s weapon looking brittle or fragile.

JQ gives this statue a 8.5/10. Beautiful look, awesome colors, but to follow up Batgirl this statue fell a tad short. Still an amazing piece to put on the shelf!

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