Batman Black and White Statue by Jason Fabok

By jayq - March 9, 2017

DC Collectibles starts off 2017 with a phenomenal Batman: Black and White statue by artist Jason Fabok.

The released line ups for this series this year looks amazing. Some online critics have stated feelings that this line has run its course however, I do not agree with them at all. Each one of these statues are masterpieces that when displayed together tell a very good story. Batman is one of those characters that no matter who is drawing him can be amazing. Many know the Batman to be an urban legend, some know Batman to be true, and some have interacted and found him to be very much real. Each artist brings their own panache to the character and it is only then when the character comes to life.

This is why I love this series, each one tells a story from a different artist point of view. From cape to cowl, boot to glove, and scowl to grimace. I look upon my shelf every time a new statue releases and see the brilliance in each one. Jason Fabok did not disappoint on his rendition. Batman is HUGE, Batman is INTIMITADING, and Batman is FLAWLESS. This statue stands at almost 7 3/4 inches from base to cowl and features a long flowing cape. There is also a very detailed utility belt that has sculpted items on it. This feature is few and far in this line and when they do include it they spare no expense.

Batman’s armor looks like a hybrid of the later New 52/Current Rebirth style. The rivets and line work shows no errors at all. The way the eyes are set in the cowl with his scowling look make for a very intimidating Batman. The cape flows out about 2 inches to the side and is very sturdy yet still keeps the fluid look. There is even heavy detail to the gloves and gauntlets. They also changed the LE (Limited Edition) number to 5,000, which is different from the 5200 in the past.

This is one of the better statues that make a point that this series is still going strong with no intentions of slowing down. JQ gives this a 8/10.

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