Batman Finally Gets His Trailer!

By kastor417 - February 13, 2016

batman vs superman bannerAfter months of seeing a lot of Superman in trailers over the last few months the latest Batman v Superman:Dawn of Justice focuses mostly on The Batman!Up until now many of us have only seen snippets of the Dark Knight in the trailers, but in the last trailer for the upcoming film he is front and center. There has been some question on if Affleck can pull this off and if this will be better than Bale, and after watching this he might just be Batman the way Reeves was Superman.

The real question raised by the Korner staff is will this be the perfect Batman wrapped in a bad movie?

Only time will tell, but it is clear to see i can’t wait to see this Batman in more action. Oh and are those firepits and Parademons I see????

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