Batman Loses His Voice in Origins

By kastor417 - May 1, 2013

batman-arkham-origins KastorskornerAfter over 20 years of voicing the Dark Knight Kevin Conroy will not be reprising his role in the upcoming Batman: Arkham Origins.

Arkham Asylum and Arkham City from Rockysteady Games have been the best Batman, maybe superhero game, to date, and with each new update on the next installment of the series it looks like the next might not live up its predecessors. So far Warner Bros will be doing the game in house, the game will be a prequel, and now Conroy is out, making may fans start to doubt the game’s ability to succeed.

WB Montreal is looking to cast a younger voice for the title character, understandable for the tone of the game ,but all these changes might end up hurting the final product. Conroy most recently voiced the Caped Crusader in Injustice: Gods Among Us without his long time on screen nemesis Mark Hamill. Many are saying Conroy is not the only person to voice Batman, but since this is in a way a continuation of the story, it will have an impact the overall tone of the Origins. Let’s hope that the reason for all these changes is because Rockysteady is working on the PS4 sequel with Conroy and Hamill.

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