Telltale Games Brings Fans A New Batman New Video Game Adventure

By jayq - August 18, 2016

BatmanYou ARE the Batman in Telltale Series Newest Game

Bruce_Selina_1920x1080Batman: The Telltale Series is spread out into five episodes. I was able to play Episode One: Realm of Shadows and let me tell you one word to describe it is WOW!

Telltale created this game to look like a living comic book, but instead of reading the story the author tells the player has the opportunity to decide the main characters path. As you play through the game you have to make sure to choose wisely each action as they impact the way the story plays out.

From the first moment of the games to the end of the chapter you are left on the edge of your seat. Players have the chance to dispense justice as the Batman, and also navigate in this world as Bruce Wayne. One aspect that I fell in love with was the detective mode of the game where Batman is piecing together a crime scene. This has always been my favorite parts of the Arkham games and was glad to see it here in this one.

The creators put in a good deal of the Batman mythos in this game like the Wayne’s deep roots with Gotham’s history, the Cobblepots, the Falcones, and Jim Gordon. If you feel like you made an error in your choices you can replay the game and choose differently to change the story. At the end of the episode it tells you what other people have chosen and gives you a percentage of who felt the same as you did. The battle scenes are intense as well you need to be able to think quickly as your movements determine how Batman fights.Hologram_1920x1080

Telltale has brought together an amazing cast of voice talents. Troy Baker (who is no stranger to the Batman world) as Bruce Wayne/Batman, Travis Willingham as Harvey Dent, Enn Reitel as Alfred, Murphy Guyer as Jim Gordan, Laura Bailey as Selena Kyle. Selena and Bruce have a great one on one battle as both Batman and Catwoman and as Selena and Bruce.

JQ gives Batman: The Telltale Series, Episode One: Realm of Shadows a 9/10. Amazing execution, fun play ability, fantastic graphics, and even more amazing writing! Episode One is available now on PS4, XBOX One, and PC.

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