Batman-The Telltale Series Chapter 2: Children of Arkham

By jayq - October 25, 2016

BatmanBar fights, detective work, mythos galore, and did I mention detective work? Chapter 2 hits the ground running and does not disappoint.

Depending on how you handled Falcone at the end of Chapter 1 determines how Gordon and the rest of Gotham perceives the Batman. Thus making this living comic book all more interesting. As you read the dialogue in Chapter 2 you have to be on your toes while making your conversation and action choices.

You quickly see where the chapter is taking you as you visit Crime Alley and we are again we see the death of the Waynes, but this time we see it from Bruce’s angle as he digs deep to find some evidence of something he may have missed. Thomas Wayne’s name is being dragged through the mud badly in this episode and Bruce is stopping at nothing to clear

You meet Selena in a bar to warn her of the Penguin’s plan and while talking to some thugs a very awesome tag team bar fight ensues. You fight as Bruce in this part and it is very awesome to see him let loose not in the Batman suit. He finds one of Penguins thug’s cell phone and uses some of the Bat-tech to hack it and more evidence is found.

You then have a choice to meet Mayor Hill as Batman or Bruce Wayne. I chose to go as Batman, but since I chose a more aggressive approach in chapter one against Falcone, I thought it better to be more reserved while meeting Mayor Hill.

penguinThe main build up here is Bruce trying to warn Harvey of a possible attack at the debate he is partaking in versus Mayor Hill. Catwoman teams up with you to try to stop Penguin’s plan from terrorizing the debate. We meet another masked individual who may possibly be the true mastermind of this whole thing tying in the Wayne’s as wrongful accusers of the other families in Gotham. This mysterious character shows a video feed from Arkham supporting their claim that Thomas Wayne was in fact not squeaky clean. A fight ensues to try to save the hostages and as Batman you have a choice save Selena or save Harvey. Now I think we know what happens if we save Selena so knowing the wheels of progress of the Batman mythos I chose to save Selena and thus seeing the birth of one of Batman’s famous Rouges.

Chapter two did NOT disappoint and if you are sleeping on this game I recommend you grabbing it! JQ gives this chapter a 8.8/10, bring on chapter three!


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