Batman vs. Jason Bourne? Ben Affleck & Matt Damon Take Sides!

By staff-writers - November 10, 2014

Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson sat down exclusively with Matt Damon and Ben Affleck in their first broadcast interview since announcing the winner of “Project Greenlight” Season 4. Shaun asked Ben and Matt (who are playing Batman and Bourne, respectively, in upcoming movies) which big screen super stud would win in a fight: Batman or Jason Bourne?

“Well, first of all, Batman is not real and Jason Bourne is,” Matt joked to Shaun of the Caped Crusader versus the rogue CIA operative. The room roared with laughter and Ben (understandably) took issue with Matt’s assertion, citing Batman’s next on-screen challenger – the Man of Steel!


“If Batman is fighting Superman, I think he’s a little past Jason Bourne,” Ben – who stars in “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” – responded. Added Matt, “I don’t understand why Batman and Superman are fighting. I guess I’ll have to see the movie.”


Faux-posturing aside, the duo said the changes that have taken place in their lives since “Project Greenlight” Season 3 aired nine years ago have informed their approach on Season 4. Not only do both stars have children now (Ben has three with wife Jennifer Garner; Matt has four with wife Luciana), Ben is a respected director.


“I hadn’t directed anything when we did the first ‘Project Greenlight’ – I’ve directed three movies since then, and it’s only given me additional empathy for what directors go through,” Ben said. “I know first-hand that the job is harder than I thought it was, I know that there are a lot more decisions than I recognized initially. But a lot of that just comes from getting older and doing more movies anyway. It’s really hard. It’s hard to make a movie that works.”


When asked if Matt would let Ben direct him in a project, Matt laughed, “I would never do that. I couldn’t take any direction from him.”


Ben added, “Because I’d be like, ‘Maybe it’s naked gymnastics?'”


“And I’d be like, ‘Again?!'” Matt added, laughing.



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