Here’s the Batman vs. Superman Batmobile & Bat Suit

By bill - May 13, 2014

batman-v-superman-featZack Snyder reveals the new look for the caped crusader, and his vehicle.

Batman vs. Superman is getting ready to start filming, so I’m glad to see director Zack Snyder getting ahead of the inevitable leaked photos from the set, by showing off the new designs from the movie ahead of time.  The biggest talk of the movie is what the new Ben Affleck Batman will look like in the movie, and we have a better idea after the photos Snyder posted to Twitter earlier today.

Snyder teased yesterday that we’d likely see the Batmobile today, and we do– but the suit comes as a total surprise reveal.  I like that very much– Snyder seems to be having a lot of fun as his production ramps up.

As for the particulars, they’re actually pretty cool, based on what little we see here– I like that the Batmobile actually resembles a car now, instead of the Christopher Nolan tank design, and the detailing suggests it will be a slick looking set of wheels.

The suit?  I love the more super hero-ish, less armored design, complete with one seriously badass looking utility belt.  And the big, fat Bat symbol on the chest and short ears remind me of the older, Frank Miller/ Dark Knight Returns style Batman that has been rumored for this movie.  But since the pic is in black and white, it does not answer my number one wish for the new Batsuit– I hope, hope, HOPE this is not yet another all black outfit.  Will Snyder finally be the guy who dares to add some greys or blues to his Dark Knight?  I sincerely hope so…

Check out the photo below.  What do you think of the new Bat-look?

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