Batman vs. Superman Jumps To 2016

By bill - January 19, 2014

batman-v-supermanThe Batman/ Superman/ everyone else team-up now has another year to figure itself out.

I really have no idea what to make of Batman vs. Superman, but Warner and DC have now given themselves another year to make this movie everything they want it to be– it’s been pushed back from the original 2015 release to May 2016.

The move was made to “help fully realize the vision” of the movie, which will also feature at least Wonder Woman, Aquaman and possibly more soon to be Justice League-ers.  But with so much going on, the project will also obviously have a lot of things to juggle, and having such a jam-packed movie seems like it would be challenging enough without considering its 18 month deadline.  So the move out of the already crowded 2015 summer seems like it could only help.

I’m betting this has something to do with recent rumors that Batman vs. Superman will lead immediately into the Justice League movie.  The delay gives the writers more time to connect the two movies, however they plan to do so, and should (hopefully) give this ambitious production a little bit of breathing room.

So, while I’m still not entirely on board with this jam-packed movie (it seems like too much for a single film), I’m glad to see Warner is being smart and not rushing it through production too hastily.

Source: Variety

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