Here’s the Batmobile From Batman vs Superman!

By bill - September 12, 2014

batmobile-featGet a FIRST LOOK at the vehicle we all saw four months ago!!

We saw the new Batmobile along with the first reveal of Batman’s new costume, as he will appear in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice at the top of the summer.  Then, earlier this week, some spy photos of the vehicle made the rounds, and everybody freaked out like it was something they had never seen.  Sure, we got a better look at the overall design– discovering that unlike Christopher Nolan’s Bat-tank, this one actually reads as a car, and is roughly the same size as one– but I didn’t think it was quite as “new” a reveal as everyone else seemed to.

Everyone else includes director Zack Snyder, who responded to the spy pics by posting a much clearer photos of the new Batmobile on Twitter.  Obviously, the quality of this shot is vastly improved, showing off lots of little design details, but this pic lacks the context to show how this vehicle looks in a real-world setting.

The answer, based on the spy pics, is actually pretty okay.  I’m not in love with this design, but it’s a huge step up above the “realistic” Nolan design.  I think this will look pretty cool tooling around Gotham and Metropolis, as the new Batman quickly reveals to us he’s just as serious and brooding and sullen as the previous Batman.  I’m looking forward to it, you guys!

BxN9u_AIgAIq_qp.jpg large

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