The Batmobile Is Finally Here!!

By kastor417 - September 10, 2013

66 Batmobile Kastor's KornerOne of the most famous cars pop-culture history, the Batmobile, is now available to collectors but is what Mattel produced worth the $60 price tag

Mattel is full of no’s these days. Can we get more accessories? No! How about better quality and paint? NO! Can we get an correctly assembled figure for a fair price? NO!!! Can we get a vehicle for our toys in the 6 inch scale? N…Well sure. The Batmobile will cost collectors about $60 depending on your area but the question is what do you get your $60?

66 Batmobile Kastor's Korner02Recently Ecto-1 was solicited from Mattel they were trying to sell it for over $250 plus the figures to go along with it so getting the car in that scale for only $60 may seem like a steel. But once the car is in your hands you may start to wonder were all the dollars went.

The car itself looks exactly like the original model that has all the pieces and parts that make it the classic car from the series. The fins are there along with parachutes, the bat phone in the dashboard all those little parts make it feel like the original car and having figures able to fit inside the car without a problem makes it all that much cooler.

Looking over the car I can’t help but feel like this is something you would give a three-year-old. The plastic itself is pretty light, and all the sharp edges are made from a softer rubbery plastic, which in the long run might deteriorate at a faster than the rest of the car. Even though there a lot of issues with the car I can’t help but feel excited to see the car in scale at retail. There’s a steering that which the figures can hold, working seat belts, a fire extinguisher tampo stickers, bat symbols on the wheels and even a Gotham City license plate. It’s there little touches that make this a great display piece.

66 Batmobile Kastor's Korner09For those of you wondering if other figures can fit in the car, the short answer is yes they can fit. The issue is with capes and size of the other figures. These 66 figures are much thinner than the average 6 inch scaled figure, so some finesse is needed, but they do fit in the car as you can see from the pictures. Other sites with some video reviews are over dramatizing this point, making a square peg in a round hole like analogy, but it’s untrue.

Overall if you’re going all in on the Batman 66 time I’d recommend picking up the car even with the higher price tag and small little quirks about the car.

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