BBTS Sponsor News: New Hasbro – SW, TF, GI Joe, Marvel, MIB 3, Dark Knight & More!

By bill - May 30, 2012

Big Bad Toy Store has released TONS of new pre-orders for long-anticipated Marvel, Dark Knight Rises, Star Wars, Transformers and lots more products– check out the latest updates!

Hasbro has just released an impressive list of new products

Star Wars Vintage Figures – Wave 04 – This wave features 6 new figures each with a
normal version of the packaging as well as a new promotional blue card version.
Cases, Sets, and Singles are available here:

Marvel Universe 2012 – Wave 01 – This wave contains Spider-Man Unlimited, Kraven,
New Incredible Hulk, Beast, and Beta Ray Bill – available by the case or set

Transformers Prime Deluxe – Waves 05 and 06
Wave 05 features Ironhide and Rumble
Wave 06 features a nice mix of desirable new and older figures – all in some sort of
new or promotional style packaging

GI Joe Retaliation – Wave 03 Figures – 5 new figures plus a set of wave 2 figures in
this case

Star Wars Clone Wars

We’ve just dropped pricing on three new Masterpiece offerings from Takara –
MP-12 Sideswipe ($83.99), MP-12 Red Alert ($83.99), MP-13 Soundwave ($139.99) and
have posted this on our site

Attention Transformers Customers – BBTS ‘Thank You’ Preorder Price Cut

We appreciate your patronage and want to thank all our valued Transformers customers
by offering a special preorder discount on these items! Transformers and
Transformer customers have been a key part of BBTS since inception in 1999! If
it’s been a while since you’ve purchased from BBTS, we want you back! If you’ve
never shopped with us before, give us a try – we won’t let you down! Our Pile of
Loot, Secure Shopping, No-Strings-Attached Preorders, Gigantic Selection, Vintage
Department, Collector Grade, Protective Packaging, and Superior Service make BBTS
the #1 destination for collectors.
– MP-13 Soundwave – $139.99
– MP-12 Sideswipe – $83.99
– MP-12 Red Alert – $83.99

Dark Knight Rises product is now officially ready for live sales online – check out
our menu here – 65 items up for order now, more will be added as vendors release

Men In Black III – Standard Issue Sidearm Replica

McFarlane Dark Knight Sports Picks – Hines Ward – Gotham Rogues

Dark Knight Rises Film Cells – 12 cool items

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