The Big Apple Con Welcomes Erik Larsen!

By staff-writers - February 19, 2016

big apple con bannerErik’s work at DC spans Teen Titans, The Outsiders, Doom Patrol and The Adventures of Superman.

He also did work with Ethan Van Sciver on Cyberfrog published by Harris Comics in the mid 90’s. While at Marvel Erik Larsen replaced Todd Mc Farlane on Amazing Spider Man where he created Whiplash, Tri-Sentinel and Cardiac. On Spider Man he also added his own unique and creative flare to Venom (a never ending tongue and jaw, with an abundance of teeth and venom). When Erik left Marvel he helped to establish Image Comics. His character Savage Dragon is very popular among fans. At Image he has also created the superhero freak team Freak Force as well as Superpatriot, Vanguard, Liberty and Justice (just to name a few).

erik larsen

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