Big Screen Superstars Go Kasual

By bill - January 13, 2015

Kasual-Friday-ser-2-featKasual Friday returns with a new wave of Big Screen Superstars.

Late last year, Kasual Friday– the pop culture company founded by Scott George and some of the heavy hitters formerly at Hasbro– released their first collectible figures, based on Ash from Army of Darkness and a comic book inspired version of The Phantom.  Now, they’re back with a new batch of figurines, including RoboCop and four of the top fighters from the Rocky franchise– Rocky Balboa, Apollo Creed, Clubber Lang and Ivan Drago.  The new figures employ the same super deform styling as their predecessors, and make for a fun bunch of collectibles.

The SD figures stand about 3″ tall, and feature a unique aesthetic, with big heads featuring slightly cartoony portraits of the various actors and characters, with bulky chests and arms and smaller, skinnier legs.  While the figures do not sport any articulation, they are well made and nicely painted, which accents the cool sculpts.  From the exaggerated musculature of the boxers to the intricate armor plates on RoboCop, there’s a ton of sculpted detail packed into these little guys, which makes them feel unique among other, often more simplistic mini figures.

Each figure features variants, as well– I got the “OCP Concept Armor” RoboCop, who features a metallic blue and silver paint job with a nice blue wash on his iconic armor.  There is also a basic, movie color version of the figure, but I actually dig on this more stylized look.  Likewise, each Rocky figure cleverly features variant short colors– you can have your Rocky in his yellow trunks or the iconic American flag deco, Apollo also in flag deco or red, Clubber in black or blue blue and Drago in red or yellow.

All four boxers share the same body sculpt, but with unique heads.  Especially in light of this, I think a functional head joint would have amplified display options and provided more fighting stance options, but as it stands, the figures are still cool and fun.  The Superstars do tend to get top heavy, so display stands would be another feature I’d love to see in future assortments.

Overall, I’m really digging on Kasual Friday’s Superstars figures.  These collectibles do a great job bridging the gap between stylized mini figures and highly detailed action figures, making them a unique addition to the toy collecting, um, collective.  You can purchase these figures plus the previous releases now at  Thanks to Scott and the Kasual Friday team for giving us the chance to review these cool figures!

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