Bill and Ted: A Most Excellent Addition To NECA’s Retro Figure Collection

By bill - November 4, 2016

neca-bill-tedThis duo’s action figures are most non-, non- NON-heinous.

One of the most fun sub-lines NECA has been releasing over the past few years is their Mego-style retro 8″ collection, and the latest additions to the line are Bill S. Preston, Esq. and Ted “Theodore” Logan– along with Rufus– from the time traveling classic film Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.  This two-pack features both original members of Wyld Stallyns in their film-accurate cloth outfits, along with excellent just-slightly-exaggerated portraits, and– of course– their signature guitars.

Both halves of this duo make for great retro figures, and their cloth outfits are perfect.  From Bill’s half-shirt, and the purple hoodie wrapped around his waist, to Ted’s jacket and tuxedo vest, complete with cargo shorts adorned with patches such as “Save the Humans,” all of the band’s most iconic outfits are perfectly captured in this box set.

The same can be said for the portraits.  Whether it’s the mop top and doofy smile on Ted, or the curly mane and smarmy smirk of Bill, these headsculpts– courtesy of NECA’s []– are the perfect fit for actors Keanu Reeves and Alex Winters.  Each figure also includes their Wyld Stallyns axe, which are remarkably accurate sculpts of the musical instruments, complete with not only film-accurate straps, but also some remarkably realistic and appropriate guitar-playing hand sculpts.

In addition to our pre-destined duo– who come packed in a box set alongside a totally fun cardboard replica of the film’s phone booth– NECA has also released Rufus, an exclusive extra feature on the newly released special edition Blu Ray/ DVD of the Bill and Ted film series from Shout! Factory.  Rufus sports a perfect likeness of George Carlin, along with the shades, overcoat, and grey suit he wore in the first film.  The time-traveling mentor also comes packed with an LP of Wyld Stallyns’ debut album, which– as we all know– will save humanity from itself in the next century.

All three of these retro figures are fantastic, capturing their respective characters perfectly and remaining screen totally screen accurate, despite their slightly caricatured portraits.  I can’t think of a better format– or a better batch of action figures– to pay tribute to this cult classic movie.  NECA’s Bill and Ted Wyld Stallyns to-pack is available now from their eBay store and specialty retailers.  Rufus is a Shout! Factory exclusive, available only with the Bill and Ted’s Excellent Box Set Deluxe Edition.

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