It’s A Bird! It’s A Plane! No It’s McFarlane!

By kastor417 - January 23, 2020

McFarlane Toys takes on the big two….the World’s Finest…the Bat and the big blue Boy Scout in the first wave of DC Figures.

Batman and Superman are the flagship characters in the DC world, though I think Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn might be knocking at their door, and right out the the gate McFarlane put out both comic version of the big guys.

Both heroes sport their looks from their most recent #1000 issues of Detective Comics and Action Comics. Superman has a much more iconic looks while Batman looks much more modern. I think that is ok, I mean we all complain we have to start over in a new scale with a new company, so why not get something new. So what are my major issues with the figures? Well there are few areas where articulation is missing, leg cuts, and some where we don’t need them, toe joints, but even with a few criticisms they work.

As a pair these are just damn stunning. Superman in his flight stand and Batman in a fighting pose, just make me realize how perfect these designs are and they originated of the 30’s and have not changed that dramatically in almost 100 years. I know there is a slight scale issue with other figures in the line, but I can forgive a first wave that has some issues, I think the real test will be a year from now and we get more versions of the big two.


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