Black Cat Sneaks Her Way Into Spider-Man Legends

By bill - January 29, 2014

ASML-Black-cat-featBlack Cat strikes a mean pose in Hasbro’s Spider-Man Legends.

As I said earlier, I love the variety in Hasbro’s latest Marvel Legends, but my heart will always hold closest to the classic, comic book style figures.  Black Cat is the latest great addition in this respect, a perfect new take on Spidey’s nemesis/ ally/ love interest.

Felicia Hardy makes perfect use of the new, more voluptuous body we saw debut with Moonstone and Satana, and the curves work perfectly for this “Skyline Siren” (so called here because she will be swapped out with the current Spider Girl Anya Corazon in a future revision).  Black Cat is pretty close to perfect, in her black and white costume complete with fur trim, new hands featuring her claws, and a whip accessory.

The thief’s all new portrait is one of the best looking we’ve seen from Hasbro’s Legends line, and she gets a nice, crisp paint job accentuated by her domino mask and the volume of her white hair.  Hasbro sometimes struggles when it comes to washes, especially on a white base, but the subtlety of the wash on Black Cat’s fur and hair is very good, adding to the effect without ever leaving her looking off color.

The base body here works great and features lots of useful articulation, offering plenty of posing options for the figure.  While I wish her hand had been sculpted to hold the whip a little tighter, I’m very glad to see this accessory included, as well as another piece for the Ultimate Green Goblin Build A Figure.

ASML Black Cat 10

As great as she is, Black Cat does have a few shortfalls.  Some are mostly unavoidable– her hair restricts her head movement, but I can’t see any way she can look authentic and not run into this common issue.  The other big issue is her feet.  Black Cat is sporting some high heels, which leave her difficult to balance, especially with her hair and, um, other assets, leaving her somewhat top heavy.  If heels had been crucial to her costume (like the recent Emma Frost) I’d be fine with their inclusion… but Black Cat doesn’t always rock heels while she’s on the job, so their inclusion here seems superfluous and more of a problem than they are worth to include.

Overall, though, Black Cat is still an amazing figure, another excellent addition to this wonderful toy line, and more than capable of standing shoulder to shoulder with the very best of Marvel Legends.  I don’t think we will ever see a better toy version of Ms. Hardy than this, and this figure leaves me completely okay with that fact.

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Check back tomorrow as we finish our look at this great series, with the fearsome Ultimate Green Goblin Build A Figure!

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