The Black Panther Legends Up The Figure Bar

By kastor417 - April 5, 2018

The new scan technology elevates the quality of Marvel Legends line in the new Black Panther wave.

The new standard for Marvel Legends has been to divide the wave into two, half getting movie figures and the other half getting comic inspired characters. It has worked out for the last few years with some very out there comic character getting the Legends treatment on the backs of the the movie line. Collectors are also getting treated to some great movie figures as well, and this new wave of Black Panther Legends is the best yet.

We get some of the big names in the film, with an even mix of male to female characters. Black Panther gets an update from his Civil War suit, and a new real scan head. When scaled up to the 12 inch line the head looks great but this smaller version misses the mark for Chadwick Boseman, the ladies however look amazing. To save some tooling dollars both are in the Dora Milaje armor, even though Nakia only wears it in the final fight of the film. I wish she was in her River tribe garb, but understand the reasoning behind this look. Both come with signature weapons, and are fun to pose with the king.

Killmonger rounds out the film figures, and the suit is stunning. The detail work is amazing for a figure this size. When we get these type of figures at retail it has to hurt in import market. The only thing missing is un unmasked head, but that is coming later this Summer in with a Martin Freeman figure.

This is one of the most solid and heavy hitter waves we have seen in Legends lately and lets hope we get more from Wakanda and soon because I need a Klaue, M’baku, Shuri,  and T’chaka!

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