Black Widow Finally Joins Marvel’s Movie Legends

By bill - April 3, 2014

ML-Black-Widow-featCaptain America gets an ally, and the big screen Avengers get their full lineup with the new Legends Black Widow.

One of the only drawbacks of the otherwise stellar Avengers Legends series (well, aside from the fact that it was a loathed Wal-Mart exclusive) was the lack of Black Widow.  The series delivered wonderful figures of the rest of the movie Avengers… just not our favorite Russian spy.  Thankfully, Hasbro has corrected that omission in the new series of Captain America Legends, which finally realizes Scarlett Johansson’s hero in the Legends scale.

Like the other Cap Legends, this Black Widow is really, really good.  The all new sculpt delivers a great take on Black Widow’s on-screen costume, and the paint apps add a depth to the line work and texture on her dark uniform.  While I fell like Widow’s arms and the profile of her torso are slightly too thin, she fits in very well with both Cap and the Winter Soldier, and the rest of the movie Avengers figures.  And the portraits of Johansson are very good, among the best actor likenesses I’ve seen from Hasbro’s design team.

Yes, I said portraits.  As if to emphasize their dedication to throwing fans a bone, this Widow includes an alternate head with her short, wavy hair from The Avengers, as well as her longer straight hairstyle from The Winter Soldier.  Both heads look great and fit very well with the body… although the long hair does inhibit the range of her neck articulation.

ML Black Widow013Like Captain America, the Black Widow also includes an extra set of hands, open palms with her fingers spread.  The hands go a long way in adding to some dynamic action poses for the SHIELD spy, and all of her hands look great and swap out safely, with little risk of breaking.  I was a little bummed that Widow’s twin holsters have the guns sculpted in place, limiting her accessories and making her trigger finger hands somewhat pointless.  But I guess when everything else is this good, I can overlook her lack of removable weapons.

The only other issue worth bringing up is case ratios.  Hasbro’s design team clearly poured a lot of time, effort and attention into pulling off a great toy of this in-demand character, but she is sadly relegated to one per case.  This means Black Widow will take some hustle to find, because not only is she popular, but scumbag scalpers will snatch her up to try and turn a paltry profit off of.  I hope Hasbro takes note of how well received this figure has been and re-ups her presence in future case packs, because every fan deserves the chance to own a figure this great.

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