Blade Carves Up The Mezco One:12 Line

By kastor417 - March 28, 2019

Blade could be considered the grandfather of the MCU, proving that a superhero movie can be popular and not goofy. Mezco’s newest One:12 figures captures the magic of the film and comic book in one great figure. 

This line gets better with each figure, most of the time. There are those occasional figure that let down due to the accessories, but not here. Blade  should be the bar that each One:12 figure strives to be some day.

The figure his head to toe one of the best that Mezco has produced to date. Sure there are a few nitpicks, his hands are a little gummy, but overall a stunning figure. Blade comes with plenty of weapons and hands that looks like he is ready to take down a horde of vampires. Where he excels is in the head sculpt and the close quarter weapons.

Both portraits are comic drawings come to life, and if you add the glasses you might be able to compare him to Snipes. I think the eyes are a little big on the yelling head, but the glasses fix that issue. The silver stakes are also near perfect, they are just the right size for his grip and his leg holders. Sometimes the weapons can be slightly over sized and end up stretching things out, but these were clearly made for him to hold and store. He also comes with two firearms, which I could take or leave. They are a nice touch that add to the value, but look like things we have seen before. I would have rathered one unique hand gun or more hand to hand weapons or another head.

The final and honestly the most iconic accessory is the sword. The whole thing is broken down to 3 parts; the holder, scabbard, and the sword itself. The holder is attached to his back with a magnet that is strong enough to hold through his coat and shirt, but it does wiggle more when it is over the coat. The holder is made of a softer plastic, making it easy to attached the scabbard. Finally the sword has a shine to it but it is not metallic, and the hilt is not a solid color, but rather has a fair amount of detail worth for such a small part.

Like all the One:12 figures this one is sure to be a hard to find one as time goes on because there is not much to add to him to do another version. for many this will be their definitive Blade figure.



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