Boba Fett Gets Elite

By bill - January 12, 2016

SW-Elite-Boba-Fett-featThe galaxy’s most fearsome Bounty Hunter joins the Disney Store’s Star Wars Elite Collection.

In addition to The Force Awakens, Disney Store’s die cast Elite Series action figures have also included characters from the other six Star Wars films, and the latest single release is Boba Fett.  The deadly Bounty Hunter is far and away one of the best releases in the Elite Series, and is a must-own collectible for any fan of the classic villain.

Boba Fett sports a fully original sculpt, which is packed with screen accurate detail.  Fett’s Mandalorian armor has rarely looked this good, and the bold, screen accurate colors used here really make this figure come to life.  While the heavier die cast-oriented paint apps of the Elite Series haven’t always been a success, they work wonders on Boba Fett, especially the super-shiny silver areas chipped off of his Mandalorian armor.

Fett features his jetpack (which is not removable) as well as his sawed-off blaster, which fits quite nicely in his right hand.  The figure is very poseable, with greater range and more joints than many of the other Elite figures, and my Boba Fett doesn’t have a single loose or stuck joint, so he can hold poses very effectively.

If I had one complaint about this guy, it’s that the lack of lateral arm joints means he can’t be posed to hold his blaster in both hands.  But he looks great holding it single handed, whether he has the gun aimed and raised or resting at his side, so I can’t take too much issue.

The Elite Series hasn’t been perfect, but when they’re on, they’re really producing some excellent Star Wars toys.  Boba Fett might be their overall best release yet, and I hope they look to the great job they did here as they move forward with this collection.  Look for Boba Fett at your local Disney Store, or Click Here in case he returns in stock at

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