Book of Life Gets a Lively Trailer

By bill - June 4, 2014

book-of-lifeThe animated film based on the Dia de los Muertos looks totally magical.

I don’t know if it’s the lavish, ornate style of the art in this Book of Life trailer– based on the vibrant and ornate and incredibly stylized aesthetic of the Mexican holiday remembering the dead– or the fact that director Jorge Gutierrez has been dedicated to making this movie a reality for so long… but it totally hooked me.

There’s something wonderfully artificial about the character designs, that plays so well with the organic style of the Day of the Dead decorations and patterns and markings.  The story seems solid enough– following a young man as he attempts to reunite with the woman he loves at all cost, and we’ve got a stellar cast including Zoe Saldana, Diego Luna, Channing Tatum. Danny Trejo, and Ron Perlman.

Oh, and there’s that Guillermo Del Toro credit, which still carries quite a bit of weight, as well.  Not everything that gets the GDT seal of approval is a home run, but it always looks gorgeous, and really transports you to a different, more fantastical world.  I think The Book of Life will do just that.

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